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How to make an appointment


Follow these simple steps to make an appointment with Dr Stroebel.

Patients are referred to Dr Stroebel via two pathways – either as an inpatient in a hospital or as an outpatient. As an inpatient most of your information would already be collected and filed by the hospital. As an outpatient please ensure you bring all your available medical records with you.

If you are unsure of anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your appointment


During your first consultation the doctor will ask you various questions regarding your medical history and then do a physical examination. The doctor will discuss the options available to you as well as explaining the risks. You will then have the opportunity to decide what you want your next steps to be.


  • We encourage all our patients to bring family members with them to all their appointments. There is a lot of information being shared and it’s best to have others with you for ongoing support. If English is not your first language and an interpreter is required, please ensure that we are informed of this in advance in order to arrange an interpreter.
  • Medicare, DVA, Workers Compensation and/or Health Fund cards/information. List of medications.
  • Referral letter from your referring doctor.
  • Copies of X-rays, CT scans, Angiogram/Echo images (normally on CD), Pathology reports, MRIs, medical records, operation records, etc from prior doctor visits.

Care expectations


During the normal course of care you should expect


  • A first appointment confirmation of hospitalisation date and admission information admission (in most circumstances the day before surgery)

  • Doctor visit in the hospital the day before surgery

  • Surgery!

  • Post operation visit on the day of surgery

  • Daily visits to assess progress after surgery

  • Discharge from hospital

  • A follow-up appointment within the next 6-8 weeks

Speak with us for more information